Pole Dance CLASSES

BrandiLand’s core offerings include exotic dance, pole, and aerial classes. We have been teaching classes in the Tampa Bay area for over eight years and know that the pole, aerial, and exotic dance not only build a lean body, but also help students get in touch with their true physical and mental power. Part of empowerment comes from allowing oneself to become vulnerable and subsequently trusting in others to help take on challenges and goals that at one point seemed out-of-reach.  

Empowerment Classes (aka “Coffee Breaks with brandi”)

Our Empowerment classes will teach you everything you need to know to be more confident, feel more sensual, infuse your soul into your daily life again, feel comfortable in your own skin, embrace your body, love your age, understand your emotions better, how to handle difficult situations (how to be resilient), how to nurture your self with self-care rituals and habits, healthy eating and workout habits, establishing a new, improved "you", and so much more.

Studio Rental for Film, Photo Shoots or Practice Time

One of the things BrandiLand is known for is our atmosphere. We’ve designed our studios for a premiere sensual experience and are sought out by production companies, photographers, models/actresses, and dancers for rental space for filming and shooting on-location.


Our private coaching sessions are for students that need one-on-one help for all topics similar to those we cover in our “Coffee Break with Brandi” or Empowerment Classes.


Whether you schedule a complimentary appointment to meet with Brandi to try on a whole new look or you just tell her that you're looking for something outside of your ordinary, she's got you covered. Personal shopping is a favorite of Brandi's because of how it helps students go outside of their comfort zone and dare to dress a little sexier just for the sheer fun of it.


Come see what it feels like to be a pole dancer for one night and let your hair down with some amazing music and sexy moves! Been hearing about this whole pole dance craze and wanna know what it’s all about? BrandiLand has a super sexy atmosphere with flattering lighting and amazing music making it the perfect place for you and your girls to let your hair down and let loose!  *Check out our party page to see our party options!


If you cannot make it to our group classes or just prefer one-on-one instruction with one of our fabulous instructors, private lessons are the way to go. We schedule your private lesson on any day and any time, provided that we don't have a class or lesson already scheduled. 


Needing more time that a private lesson or coaching session allows? This is the option for you: spend 4 1/2 hours over 2 days with one of our talented instructors to hone in on the instruction and no-frills motivation to get you in gear.


Are you a teacher wanting to up their pole instruction game or maybe you are just getting into teaching and need to be trained from the bottom up? Private one-on-one Teacher Training with Brandi is for you. Brandi tailors the entire 8-hour curriculum around your specific needs - this is NOT a one-size-fits-all option. Curriculum for the Teacher Training is a highly-specialized to meet the  requirements that you want to hone in and focus on.