Pole Dance CLASSES

Brandi Land is a school for women that offers classes for every woman, brand new students through advanced. We have been teaching pole dance classes in the Tampa Bay area for over eight years and know that the pole not only builds a lean, sexy body, but will also get you in touch with your true physical and mental power as a woman. Part of empowerment comes from taking on new challenges and meeting goals that you never thought you could do. At Brandi Land, you will learn to move and feel like the sexiest woman alive. We will show you how to feel your most beautiful self, inside and out.

Empowerment Classes 

Every woman should have that solid sense of Pure Power inside her. Every woman should feel the sense of possibility in front of her every day, no matter her situation. Our Empowerment classes will teach you everything you need to know to be more confident, feel more sensual, infuse your soul into your daily life again, feel comfortable in your own skin, embrace your body, love your age, understand your emotions better, how to handle difficult situations (how to be resilient), how to nurture your self with self-care rituals and habits, healthy eating and workout habits, establishing a new, improved "you", and so much more. Our classes make our students feel safe, seen, and most of all - excited about the possibilities in front of them. 

in studio, phone, or skype COACHING SESSIONS 

Self-improvement sessions will remove your blocks to success and provide guidance and motivation to reach goals and can be done via phone, Skype or in-person. Coaching sessions are also effective for any other specialized challenges that you need help with that fall outside of our regular classes and private lessons. Some examples of why students might schedule a coaching session include: confidence building, going through a difficult life event, help in developing self-care habits, diet advice, how to build a structure of organization for goal achievement and overall life balance, building confidence for photoshoots, beauty-related and skincare concerns to name a few. 


Whether you schedule a complimentary appointment to meet with Brandi to try on a whole new look or you just tell her that you're looking for something outside of your ordinary, she's got you covered. Personal shopping is a favorite of Brandi's because of how it helps students go outside of their comfort zone and dare to dress a little sexier just for the sheer fun of it.


Come see what it feels like to be a pole dancer for one night and let your hair down with some amazing music and sexy moves! Been hearing about this whole pole dance craze and wanna know what it’s all about? Brandi Land has a super sexy atmosphere with flattering lighting and amazing music making it the perfect place for you and your girls to let your hair down and let loose! During one of our infamous pole parties you’ll learn the sexiest (yet easy, anyone will be able to do them!) pole dance moves - and we will teach you exactly how to pose like an exotic dancer so you can get the total experience, and have some amazing photos and selfies to remember the night with. Attire is anything you want to wear that is comfortable and easy to move in. Our basic pole party option is$29 per person with a minimum of 7 for a one-hour party,and longer parties can be accommodated as well.  A $100 deposit is required to book your date and time, all remaining money is due in cash the day of your party - that way, you don't have to know how many girls will have to pay until the day of your party! If the minimum of 7 is not met, then the gals attending would simply pay the difference. 

*check out our party page to see our party options!


If you cannot make it to our group classes or just prefer one-on-one instruction with one of our fabulous instructors, private lessons are the way to go. We schedule your private lesson on any day and any time, provided that we don't have a class or lesson already scheduled. 


Needing more time that a private lesson or coaching session allows? This is the option for you: spend 4 1/2 hours over 2 days with one of our talented instructors to hone in on the instruction and no-frills motivation to get you in gear. Pole Intensives are typically scheduled twice a year and students are paired with two other students of their same level with similar goals, but Pole Intensives can be scheduled at any time per your request. 


Are you a teacher wanting to up their pole instruction game or maybe you are just getting into teaching and need to be trained from the bottom up? Private one-on-one Teacher Training with Brandi is for you. Brandi tailors the entire 8-hour curriculum around your specific needs - this is NOT a one-size-fits-all option. Curriculum for the Teacher Training is a highly-specialized to meet the  requirements that you want to hone in and focus on.