Brandi Land is a school for women established for the particular purpose of teaching and empowering women toward self-improvement. You'll find us here every day working toward goals and making our dreams happen by constantly working on our minds,  bodies, and hearts to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be - and we think you should join us.

Brandi has been teaching women how to be their best selves since 2011, when she started her business with a dream to help all women feel beautiful and to teach them how to see themselves as the amazing creatures they are meant to be. With every year that passes, her business evolves and blossoms into ever-growing and more exciting ways to serve and educate women from all walks of life on how to live their best lives. Brandi is most proud of her latest expansion: the opening of the flagship location in Citrus Park Tampa that encompasses all things Brandi Land - a world where women can come laugh, play, dance, dress-up and experience what it feels like to be the woman of their dreams. 

We are so much more than a pole dance studio! Some of our services offered include:

- Empowerment Classes

- Pole Dance and Exotic Fitness Dance Classes

- Aerial Fitness Classes

- Personal Coaching Sessions

- Twerk/ Booty Building

- Pole Parties

- Aerial Parties

- Twerk Parties

- Clothing and Accessories Boutique

- Skincare/Beauty Bar

- Private Lessons

- Teacher Training

Are you ready to join us in becoming your best self? 

Welcome to BrandiLand. 

Have a question? We're here for you - feel free to call or text us at (813) 500-8993