Learn how to climb the pole tonight in beginner pole class

…you need skin to stick to the pole. If you are wearing pants or leggings, the fabric of your clothing will literally just make you slide down the pole. You will not be able to climb the pole and that would be very sad because all the best things in life are at the top of the pole.

Ok, some of the best things in life are at the top of the pole. There’s some pretty fun stuff everywhere else, too. Example: there are jellybeans in the reception area. And there’s a cat in Thee Boutique.

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Brandi Godcharles
Pole Parties Are All The Rage, But Are They Right For Me?

So, what exactly goes on at one of these pole dancing parties?

For those that have never taken a pole dance class, it offers a unique way of bonding with a group of friends, fellow bridesmaids, co-workers, or even family members. The pole instructor guides each party-goer through a simple (but effective) warm-up and then teaches a sexy, fun pole dance routine that is suitable for everyone in the group.

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