2019 Speciality Workshop Schedule

In addition to our regularly scheduled pole classes, we are offering a wide range of specialty workshops every month.

When you find the workshops you’d like to attend, go to our Citrus Park schedule, find the date of your desired workshops and register by clicking “Sign Up Now” next to the workshop’s name.

List of Workshops

Workshop descriptions can be found on the Citrus Park schedule on the workshop’s scheduled date.

Jan 19

WORKSHOP: Perfecting Your Pole Climb

Feb 9

WORKSHOP: Spin Pole For Scaredy Cats

Feb 16

WORKSHOP: Enhancing Your Pole Climb

Feb 23

WORKSHOP: Super-Charged Pole Dancer: Skincare & Diet Basics For Pole Fitness

March 2

WORKSHOP: Perfecting Your Basic Inversions: The Big 3

To be held directly after:

WORKSHOP: Stripper Shoe Tips of the Trade + Heel Technique

March 16

WORKSHOP: Bringing Your "Bad Side" Up To Snuff

March 30

WORKSHOP: Enhancing Your Basic Inversions: Gemini, Scorpio + Hip Holds

April 13

WORKSHOP: The Badassery of the Blind Hand Grab

May 11

WORKSHOP: Bring Your Man To Pole Class

June 1

WORKSHOP: Handstands 101s