your first pole class (aka what the fuck have i gotten myself into?)


Okay, so you pulled the trigger and registered for your first pole dancing class…only problem is, now what?

Step 1 complete! Now what??? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Step 1 complete! Now what??? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

First of all, congratulations! You are about to step out of your comfort zone and try something new that is beneficial for your body, mind, and soul. Second, it would be sorta nice to know what to expect as you begin what will hopefully be a longstanding and beautiful relationship with a tall, shiny, chrome pole, right?? 

Clothing/shoes (a.k.a. What do I wear?)

  • You can never go wrong with stretchy, comfy, yoga apparel. The bottoms come in a variety of lengths, but shorts are gonna be your best option here. You can opt for capri-length if that’s more your style and if need be, you can hike them up a little higher to expose the “knee pit” which pole dancers use to grip the pole - more on that later.

  • Legwarmers paired with booty shorts is my personal fave look! (Legwarmers can also double as knee protection if desired)

  • For your top, a sports bra worn alone or with a tank top. T-shirts are also fine to wear, but make sure it’s a lighter knit because you will work up a sweat.

  • Many first-time students go barefoot, but heels of any height and style are welcomed (and encouraged.) Another popular option are “half-soles” or “Foot Undies” which can be purchased on Amazon or any online dance supply store. These will allow you to easily pivot on the ball of your foot without having to wear heels.

Class material (a.k.a. What exactly will I be doing?)

  • Any Level 1 Beginner Pole class will allow you to get acquainted with our wonderful apparatus. This is where you learn the basics and how to use the pole safely.

  • Since warming up the body is a vital part of any exercise class, you’ll be taken through a short but thorough warm-up. This is the time to advise your instructor if you have any existing injuries.

  • Depending on your instructor, curriculum will vary, but common material taught in a Beginner Pole class can include an introduction to pole grips, pole spins, pole climbs and basic pole tricks. Don’t worry, each move in a beginner class will be broken down and taught, step by step. Feel free during this time to ask your instructor lots of questions.

  • The final few minutes of class is spent cooling down, breathing, and stretching the muscles that you worked. Those feel-good endorphins will also be in full effect!

  • Go home and have a healthy snack and be sure to hydrate to replenish your body of the energy stores it just used for class.

The day after your first class, expect to be a bit sore…especially in the arms, lats, and shoulders. After all, you worked your entire body for a good 45 minutes! Rest or do gentle yoga the next day and most importantly be sure to sign up for your next Beginner Pole class. Remember: every class you take will ensure more strength and comfort with the pole and you will be a on your way to becoming a beautiful dancer in your own right.