Pole Dance Boutique in Tampa

There are several exotic dance wear boutiques in Tampa, but BrandiLand’s “Thee Boutique” is the only boutique that is dedicated to pole dancers specifically. Our full-size store is full of everything a pole dancer needs to be her best self on the dance floor, on the stage or just prancing around her house for her significant other (or cat!).

When Brandi started her business eight years ago, she was working as a pole dance instructor and wanted to create a store for pole dancers and exotic dancers that had unique dance wear - most of the merchandise that she saw at other dance wear stores was the same stuff over and over again. She wanted to bring some different flavor as well create a beautiful environment for women to shop in for their pole dance and exotic wear. Many of the stores had a lackluster vibe and didn’t feel or look beautiful.

Fast forward to today and she has created not only two gorgeous studios but also a boutique catered to all things pole dance. Whether you need a new pair of shorts for class, or a tank top, leg warmers, socks, garters, or grip aid, we guarantee you will find some hidden gems that you never thought you needed! (sorry not sorry!)

One of the BrandiLand mannequins, Joyce.

One of the BrandiLand mannequins, Joyce.

Brandi Godcharles