How To Level Up To The Next Pole Class Level

In order to move up a level, students must demonstrate they can execute all required movements in a 30-minute private lesson or a semi-private lesson booked at the same time with another student that is also trying out to level up.


If you are interested in leveling up but know you cannot execute the required movements there are several ways that you can achieve your goal to level up:

·     Book private lessons to work specifically on the movements you need to achieve; or

·     Register for one of our “Level Up” 4-week Pole Series (these are only held a few times per year); or

·     Dedicate yourself to taking our weekly classes that will give you the strength and technique needed to level up. These classes are typically “Bombproof Inversions” “Floor+Pole” “Pole Mash Up” and “Level 1 Beginner Pole” (and “Level 2 Pole” for those seeking to get into Level 3).

Required Movements + Workshops to get into Level 2

·     “Perfecting Your Basic Climb” Workshop

·     Superman

·     Forearm bracket climb

·     Star

·     Forearm stand against pole

·     Thread the needle pirouette

·     Serve it up pirouette

·     Basic exotic transitions (e.g., hip rolls, bodywaves, booty up first, booty chasers, pole walk, head roll/hair flip, figure 8s, etc.)

·     Drop split (can be a half split)

·     Basic spins (e.g., fireman, dip squat, Princess, Goddess, Chair, Mermaid, Peter Pan, Hollywood, Float, etc.)

·     Teddy

·     Side sit

·     Backward and forward shoulder rolls

·     Forearm bracket aerial hold

·     Full bracket hold from floor

·     Apprentice 

·     Pole sit variations (e.g., cross thigh, straight legs uncrossed. Etc.)

·     Pencil spin

·     Fan kick to pole sit

·     Shoulder mount fan kick

·     Freestyle for 60 seconds

·     A full split and straddle is not necessary but needs to be actively working toward front splits and straddles

 Required Movements + Workshops to get into Level 3

·     “Skincare + Diet For Pole Dancers” Workshop

·     “Enhancing Your Pole Climb” Workshop

·     “Enhancing Your Basic Inversions: The Big 3” Workshop

·     Climb with pointed toes

·     Split grip climb

·     Inverted D

·     Straddle climb to top of pole and straddle climb descent to bottom of pole

·     Basic Butterfly

·     Basic inversion

·     Crucifix

·     Chopsticks

·     Layout

·     Figurehead

·     Toothbrush

·     Swan Dive to superman descent from crucifix

·     Forearm stand without pole

·     Shoulder mount floating V

·     Shoulder mount to crucifix

·     Reverse Shoulder Mount

·     Aerial full bracket hold

·     Chopper spin on static and spin

·     Aerial invert

·     Figure 4

·     Pole handstand

·     Gemini

·     Scorpio

·     Hip hold (e.g., straddle, pike and ball)

·     Comfortable walking without pole in 7 or 8 inch heels

·     Freestyle for 2 minutes, one minute of that being on stage pole

·     Needs to be approximately 3-4 inches from the floor in front splits and straddles and actively working on flexibility