More pole classes in citrus park startS next week

BrandiLand Extended Hours: come train with us every day at the most beautiful pole studio in Tampa.

We have added 6 more classes to our CITRUS PARK schedule, here’s our weekly lineup:

Monday 10am Pole Dance Mash Up

Monday 10.45am Open Pole

Monday 6.30pm Barefoot Pole Dance

Monday 7.30pm Simply Spins!

Monday 8.15pm Open Pole

Tuesday 6.30pm Splits N Straddles 

Tuesday 7.30pm Level 2 Pole Dance

Wednesday 10am Pole Dance Mash Up

Wednesday 10.45am Open Pole

Wednesday 6.30pm Level 1 Pole Dance

Thursday 10am Pole Dance Mash Up

Thursday 10.45am Open Pole 

Friday 10am Pole Dance Mash Up

Friday 10.45am Open Pole

Saturday 10am Splits N Straddles

Saturday 11am Floor+Pole

Sunday 10am Level 1 Pole Dance

Sunday 11am Bombproof Inversions

Sunday 11.45am Open Pole

Starts next week!

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BrandiLand is a boutique pole dance studio with two locations in Tampa FL. We have poured our hearts and souls into our studios and would love it if you would come dance with us. 💗

Brandi Godcharles