BrandiLand Code of Conduct

1.    Be early for class and ready at your pole when the warmup begins.

2.    All belongings are to be put in cubbies before class begins – water bottles and other dance materials needed for class are permitted in the classroom.

3.    Phones are to be kept in cubby until the instructor indicates it is time to film.

4.    Focus on your body, yourself and your instructor during the warmups and cool downs and refrain from all talking.

5.    No strapless heels are to be worn at any time – detachable straps can be purchased in Thee Boutique if needed.

6.    In classes with pole sharing, students are not permitted to talk while other students are dancing – cheering on the students dancing is encouraged.

7.    Students are not permitted to teach or spot other students in class. 

8.    An open and willing mindset is the foundation for all accomplishment. This is the attitude of a BrandiLand student. 

9.    BrandiLand has a zero-tolerance policy for negative self-talk and/or negative talk of others. 

10.  This is a studio built on respect. Be courteous when your instructor is talking, or when another student is talking. 

11.  Remember how you felt your first day of class and treat our new students with openness, demonstrating to them that BrandiLand is a friendly and safe place. 

12. Finally, conduct your time in class like it is valuable: BrandiLand was created as a place to instigate upward mobility in our students and instructors. Use your time here wisely to explore and strengthen the place inside you that holds your creative power.

Brandi Godcharles