Our Most Often Heard Statement From Potential Clients

We gets lots of phone calls every day from interested clients that want to know more about our studio, classes and prices. When we get a little deeper into the conversation, the most common phrase coming from a new client is, “I just hate the gym and I can’t stand typical group fitness classes.”

We hear ya loud and clear - there are so many gyms in Tampa and they are mostly the same. We think one of the reasons people hate the gym and more common forms of group fitness classes is because:

1.) they are not tailored to a specific skill to be learned so there is no “end goal” in mind;

2.) the gym is a one-size-fits-all mentality and gym-goers basically feel like “just another number”;

3.) gym workouts are repetitive and boring.

Now - don’t get us wrong, repetition is the mother of all learning and you must repeat things to learn them; however, in the gym setting, blandly repeating the same workout week after week is dull.

Our solution? Take a pole fitness class…you will feel excited, challenged and best of all, you will be week by week working toward your best self. Of course, you will also be learning an amazing art form and skill, so all of those strength moves we teach you in pole class will not only build a lean and sexy body, but you will have something beautiful to execute for either yourself or a loved one.

Live in Clearwater, Tampa or St. Petersburg? The next time you’re in Tampa and want to try out something new, stop by one of our pole fitness studios. We love meeting potential students - and if you’re on the fence on whether or not you want to try pole fitness classes, let us bend your ear for 5 minutes and we can almost guarantee we’ll have your decision made!

Learn how to express your inner sass and get a kick-butt workout at BrandiLand Pole & Aerial!

Learn how to express your inner sass and get a kick-butt workout at BrandiLand Pole & Aerial!

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