Pole Truth #5: Pole Fitness CAN Build a Better Butt

To quote Mickey Rourke in “9 ½ Weeks”, “Have you ever had a chick with a heart-shaped ass?” 

Genetics aside, the quest for our best butt can be an ongoing process, lasting for years. With so much social media emphasis on the gluteus maximus, it’s difficult to not become more aware of our own derriere. Pole fitness can definitely help to transform your backside, so long as you stick with it and have some patience. Bootys come in all shapes and sizes (thank heavens!), so the key is to work with what you’ve got! Whether you have an excess of junk in the trunk, or you struggle to fill out a pair of jeans, attending pole classes regularly can greatly improve the relationship you have with your butt. 

Shown in photo is instructor, Christy. What a pretty peach!

Shown in photo is instructor, Christy. What a pretty peach!

So much of pole dancing requires engagement of all three glute muscles, plus quads and hamstrings. Combine this with wearing platform stiletto shoes during a 45-60 minute class, and your butt has almost no choice except to improve! 

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