Which Pole Shoes Do I Choose?

Those that are new to pole fitness and pole classes and have not yet fully developed or explored the shoe addiction that comes with being a pole dancer, GET READY!!!  Since Pole dance is our specialty (we've been dancing and teaching in Tampa FL for over 8 years now!), we know a lot about what's best for gals when it comes to pole heels. Scroll down for some factors to consider:  

  1. Heel height: Most new pole students go with 6” heels so they can get used to how it feels to walk in platforms. It doesn’t take long to move up to 7-inchers. The most popular heel now seems to be 8” heels with a 4” platform.

  2. Strap style: Ankle-strap sandal style (clear plastic) is very common and offers decent support when dancing and heel-clacking. Criss-cross strap style is flattering on many people and is most often black or red and gives a very sexy look to the shoe. Slide or “mule” style has just one wide strap across the top of the foot and “double band” has one additional wide strap about an inch or so behind the one covering the toes. The slide and double band styles do not provide ankle support and can potentially fly across the room if they don’t fit properly! However, there are detachable straps that can solve this issue (or garters can be the perfect DIY hack!)

  3. Platform style: Clear Lucite is classic and they match any outfit! Chrome platforms come in many beautiful, shiny colors as well as the classic silver that nicely matches most poles. Glittered platforms are in high demand now and can even be customized with any design you can dream up, but be prepared to invest some bank in those beauties…!

  4. Ankle Boots: These come in a wide variety of colors and degrees of “stickiness” (i.e., patent leather really sticks to the pole; sequins, not so much). The booties offer good ankle support but can generate some heat, especially if they are closed-toed. Booties with fringe are just super fun and are like wearing little skirts on your ankles!

Dancing in shoes will give your legs, glutes, and core some extra muscle engagement and will help you to work on your balance. Platform stilettos have an almost magical effect on women who have never tried them on before. They stand taller, feel sexier, and can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror!  Brandi Land has shoes for rent for $6, so you can “test drive” a pair during your next pole class. Take a peek at the many styles available for purchase in our gorgeous studio boutique.  Who knows? You may discover a new style that makes your legs look 8 ft. long (and makes your credit card beg for mercy!)