7 Must-Haves For Your Pole Dance Bag

How many times have you arrived at the pole studio for class and dug frantically through your bag, only to realize that you left your kneepads (or shorts, or shoes, or thong!) at home?  The ideal solution to this dilemma is to keep your pole bag stocked with the essentials. The necessities to bring to every pole class are:

  1. Shorts (brazil cut is best when practicing pole tricks)

  2. Leggings (great for floorwork and fun to dance in)

  3. Knee pads (save yourself the pain and heartache of bruised/battered knees during a floorwork class)

  4. Spare thong (just in case)

  5. Heels (but don’t keep them in the car during the summer months as the heat will melt the shoe's glue)

  6. Grip aid (some days are sweatier and slipperier than others!)

  7. Healthy snack (trail mix, whole grain crackers, protein bar) and water


Remember to re-stock your bag every week (on Laundry Day!) and you will always be prepared to have an amazing class! But if you happen to rush out of the house in a hurry and forget to bring your pole essentials, the Thee Pole Dance Boutique at Brandi Land (the only pole dance boutique in Tampa!) is always open if you need to purchase items before class begins 😊