Pole Myth #16: " I don't have enough upper body strength to take a pole class"

This statement basically sums up the paradox facing many students that are new to pole fitness. Yes, while you may currently lack the upper body strength it takes to execute many of the pole tricks or spins you see posted daily on IG, that in NO way means you aren’t physically ready to begin taking classes! You take classes so you can gain your future upper body strength. It’s basically like saying “I’m too dirty to take a shower”….


student spotlight...

One of students, Jen, had been in multiple car accidents before she started pole dancing and never thought she'd be able to do tricks on the pole. Now, every day she enjoys the strength and confidence in herself and her body that she gained from trusting herself and her pole instructors. A true success story, like so many other women at our studio!

Okay, so the last time you did a full pull-up (or even a push-up for that matter) was long, long ago…perhaps in a middle school P.E. class (fun times, right??). Don’t worry. This has no bearing on your ability to progress as a pole dance student. Contrary to what may be popular belief, pole dancing is not all about ‘brute strength’. Much of it is about CORE strength, along with the use of proper form and technique. The ability to lift one’s own body weight comes with time, practice, and dedication.

Brandi Land offers classes to help you gradually (and safely) build strength and develop “muscle memory”.  If you stick with it and attend our classes, such asPole Drills, you will soon notice a difference! Your arms and shoulders will start to tone up and you’ll start to see those beautiful back muscles come to life! Trust the process and know that our amazing instructors will guide you to where you want to be. (Disclaimer: Your jackets and blouses may start to become a bit snug, so, hey…perfect reason to go shopping for more!)

Remember: A pole journey begins with a single step (or spin, rather)