What’s holding you back??

Are you still on the fence about trying a pole dance class? Well, get off the fence and get on the pole

Whatever reasons your brain is coming up with as to why you shouldn’t just pull the trigger and sign up, there are a ton more reasons that you should.  Make a list of your top 5 reasons for not walking in to that first Intro to Pole class at Brandi Land. Here is an example of a list that may (or may not) look similar to yours:

  1. I’m too overweight/out of shape

  2.  I lack coordination

  3.  I’m about as sexy as a Banana Slug (no offense to slugs, of course)

  4. I don’t have the time to take classes

  5. I will look/feel ridiculous


Now, it’s time to smash each one of those reasons (a.k.a. excuses):

1.    The only way to change something you don’t like is to do something about it! Pole fitness is a full-body workout and has a multitude of physical benefits. The more classes you attend, the more of a change you will begin to see in your physique. 

2.    Coordination is something that you can develop by taking pole dance classes. What may start out feeling as if your feet and brain are not even in sync, can eventually become a discovery of how your body naturally likes to move! 

3.    Being “sexy” is often that elusive thing that people need to just tap into so that it can blossom. Pole dancing is the perfect catalyst to discover what may be hiding just underneath the surface, dying to come out!

4.    As with most things in life, if something is important to you, then you will make time to enjoy it. It’s all about self-care, people

5.    You are asking your body to do stuff that it’s never done before, so it’s not unheard of to feel a bit awkward at first. The good news is that as you get more comfortable with the moves and techniques taught by our Rockstar instructors, the more confident you will become. Chances are, your fellow students all feel (or have felt) exactly the same way! 

It's okay to let your guard down and do something fun for yourself with a group of kind and accepting people.

It's okay to let your guard down and do something fun for yourself with a group of kind and accepting people.


At Brandi Land, we set students up for success! Our goal is to do all we can to help you reach your goals