Pole Parties Are For Gals That Wanna Let Loose!

What better way to celebrate a major life event (or any event for that matter) while living in (or visiting) the Tampa Bay area than to spend time with your closest pals, some chrome poles, and an awesome music playlist? There is literally no limit to what you can celebrate by booking a pole party at Brandi Land: bachelorette, special birthday, divorce, graduation, or even as a fun team-building event! Heck, you can even call it a “hen party” if you want to…we don’t mind! 

So, what exactly goes on at one of these pole dancing parties? For those that have never taken a pole dance class, it offers a unique way of bonding with a group of friends, fellow bridesmaids, co-workers, or even family members. The pole instructor guides each party-goer through a simple (but effective) warm-up and then teaches a sexy, fun pole dance routine that is suitable for everyone in the group. However, if the pole is not everyone’s cup of tea, groups can request to learn a twerk or chair dance routine (or a combo of pole/chair, pole/twerk, chair/twerk). Just the photo opportunities alone are priceless! 

A group pole dance party can get everyone warmed up and energized (and hungry!) for post-pole festivities, food, and libations! As with our Intro to Pole classes, there are zero pre-requisites to attend a pole party…(except for a desire to have a blast and make memories).  Don’t be surprised, though, if after your pole dance party experience, you get an intense motivation to sign up for classes! 


Pole Parties Tampa - the most fun you can have!