Pole Myth #4: “I’d be awful at pole since I don’t have a dance/gymnastics background”

This is a very common misconception in the pole dance world. While it is true that those who have previous training in dance, gymnastics, cheer, acrobatics, or other fitness (Zumba, yoga, etc.) may find that many of the movements in pole feel “natural” to their bodies, having that type of background isn’t a requirement. If you ask a number of instructors and fellow students whether they have regularly done any of the above-mentioned activities, you may be surprised at the answers you get. Shockingly, there are even a few “pole stars” who started from scratch with zero formal training. Another thing they all have in common is hard-core dedication and commitment to practicing. 


This list is a random sampling of highly skilled and well-known pole dancers who do not have any formal training in dance or gymnastics:

- Natasha Wang (pole star)

- Hsiang Jones (owner of Queen of Hearts pole studio)

- Sarah Jade (owner of Buttercup pole studio)

- Aerial Amy (pole star)


**Check out some of their vids on YouTube and you will be amazed and astounded that they have not been dancing their entire life!**

Remember: You do NOT have to be great to start, but you have to start in order to become great!