How to use online hate comments to your benefit

People love to wax poetic about how everyone should strive to "live authentically" but no one really talks about the fact that when you do that, you open yourself up to people that will strike at that vulnerability (and living authentically means being vulnerable). 

The upside to living a real life (meaning you are an outward expression of more than just your socially acceptable persona) is that you will have many people that adore you. And you must live authentically if you want to ever be happy. Being happy and being hated are not mutually exclusive.

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One Subtle Technique All Extraordinary Pole Dancers Practice

Yeah, I get it. There’s always gonna be something that bugs you or a reason why you can’t feel good. And this is exactly the reason why most – yes MOST – pole dancers aren’t where they want to be in their practice: they allow “reasons” to get in front of their success. 

Guess what? Those gals you look up to and wanna be like on the pole don’t let “reasons” get in the way of their dreams.

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It Doesn't Have To Take Forever To Be Good At Pole

"How quickly things can change when you just keep going," I thought. I didn't just think this thought, though - I felt it. What an incredible feeling, what...possibility.

And not remote possibility or the promise of possibility - there was a feel-it-in-my-gut tangibility that had happened practically overnight that felt quite miraculous. I loved that feeling/thought and I reveled in it for a good few days. Still am, actually. 

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Debunking The Two Most Common “Pole Myths”

This statement sums up the paradox facing many students new to pole fitness. Yes, while you may currently lack the upper body strength it takes to execute many of the pole tricks or spins you see posted daily on IG, that in NO way means you aren’t physically ready to begin taking classes. You take classes so you can gain your future upper body strength. It’s basically like saying “I’m too dirty to take a shower”….

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