It all started with…


…a pair of metallic purple pole heels and an open house at a local pole studio.

Beyonce’s “Diva” filled the room and Brandi sat in awe watching the dancers spin, split and flip upside down on the poles.

This was the moment that pole dance entered her life.

She knew this feeling blooming inside her was one she wanted to spend her life creating more of.

That moment was in 2010.

In the 9 years since that first open house, not a day has gone by that Brandi has not been immersed in pole dancing.

Brandi’s journey in pole dancing became her purpose in life.

She began teaching in 2011, opened her first studio in 2013, and then in 2018, opened her second studio, BrandiLand’s flagship in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Beautiful spaces and Transformative Experiences Make Life Magical.

Brandi and her team (i.e., Thee Girls) spend their days and nights creating beautiful spaces and providing experiences that give her students that same magical feeling she herself had her first time in a studio. As much as she loves reveling in being a woman, being sexy and creating beauty on the pole, her purpose in life is being a teacher.

I will spend the rest of my life helping and teaching others how to see their inherent worth and beauty. Pole dancing is the vehicle I use to this end. It just so happens that two of my favorite things go together perfectly.
— Brandi Godcharles, Owner + Creator of BrandiLand

Are you a far-Away BrandiLand fan?

Not able to make it to one of our Tampa studios but still want to learn from Brandi and Thee Girls? No problem - take a look at Brandi’s blog, “Pole Dancer Secrets” for all her best tips on pole, beauty, confidence and more.

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